We use the ‘Aguayo’ fabric, a fabric of Peruvian and Bolivian origins dating back to 2300 B.C. maintain the original production methods of the past. We have reimagined the unique color, texture as well as the patterns of the traditional fabric with a modern twist to set us a part from existing hat brands in the market. 


Fabricated by Incan culture

The fabric we use has a long history dating back to 2300 B.C. from the ancient Incan Civilization. and we have maintained the original method of production. 


Modern Look

Even though the fabric has a long history. our products are manufactured based on the trend and needs of modern day people


Young adventurers

Tell your children the story of Inpire Co. project! Your children will be reminded of the unknown world and will have new curiosity and fun imagination.


Whatever fashion item you want

We do not want to proceed with this project with our ideas alone. If you have an idea, let's make it together!

Our Mission

We are opened to everyone

We want 'Aguayo' to be reinterpreted in as many ways as possible. We invite designers who wish to join our mission with new, inspirational ideas

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