About Us

About us

Thank you for your interest in Inpire Co. with our mission to Blend old world craftsmanship with modern day aesthetics, we are working with designers from all over the world to create something with Aguayo fabric, a cultural heritage from the ancient Incan civilization.We were able to discover a cultural heritage of value we wanted to share with the rest of the world in one of the most obscure places in the South American continent. We hope various people from all over the world enjoy and share this value


‘Aguayo’ the traditional fabric from the Incan culture

Aguayo has been produced since the ancient times in the Andes cultural areas that include Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador etc. Produced as early as 2,300 B.C., Aguayo is still producing in the most traditional method for its unique color scheme and designs as well as weaving style not seen in other fabrics. We select only the best Aguayo through the various local channels at our disposal

Modern day aesthetics

Items based on Aguayo have existed in the past, and even today. However we aim to reinterpret the beautiful yet special cultural heritage of the Incan civilization with a modern twist. That is why we produce designs and items of quality appropriate for today’s consumers. Inpire Co. is not a big fashion brand yet. But we have a big vision. Please support us. Enjoy our products, share our stories to your friends and make the world know our meaningful challenge.