[China] Visit to 2016 Yo'hood

[China] Visit to 2016 Yo'hood

The Inpire Co. team visited Yo’Hood, the biggest Streetwear Trade Fair in China with an invite from an influential retailer. Taking place from September 1st – 3rd at Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition, brands such as Stussy, Undercover, Futura etc. unveiled their new collections. From Pharrell Williams, Shawn Yue, to Adrian Ho, the whose who of the street scene participated leading to big crowds at the venue. 

Inpire Co. did not have an official booth in place, but the team was able to hold meetings with several rising local street brands and retailers. The Creative Directors we met shared information about the existence of a local fabric in south China much like our Aguayo, and some even voiced their hope for a collaboration with Inpire Co. in the near future. 

Yo’Hood officials also found our street brand with roots from South America very refreshing, as most major players of the street fashion scene usually come from the US and Japan, and promised active support for our brand in the future. We hope to participate in 2020 Yo’Hood Trade Fair as an official partner with a booth of our own :)

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