The Origins of Inpire Co. Brand Name and Logo

The Origins of Inpire Co. Brand Name and Logo

The Inpire Co. Project is a brand founded by individuals based in Korea and the US, not Peru. However, we have extensively studied the intricacies of Incan (Peru and Bolivia) culture, and are putting the utmost effort into achieving the goals of the project.

Brand Name

Our official name is Inpire Clothing Co. (NOT Inspire Clothing Co. but Inpire!). Inpire is a naming derived from Inca and Empire. It includes our ultimate goal of taking the Aguayo, a legacy of the Incan Civilization and using it to become an Empire within the fashion industry of immense influence, just as the Incan Empire once did.


The inspiration for our logo comes from the Chakana, or the symbol of the Incan Cross. The symbol signifies the ancient Incan Civilization’s values, and could be seen in numerous temples and historical sites across South America. Likewise, we want Inpire Co. Project to become a platform to connect the contemporary world with the Aguayo.

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