[Korea] Shooting of Inpire Co. pictorial and brand film for Amazon

[Korea] Shooting of Inpire Co. pictorial and brand film for Amazon

To celebrate the release of a new Collection, we shot a pictorial and also interviewed Marcela, one of our designers. Up to now, our marketing was centered on images of our products. However, many consumers had requested images that could help them see the products’ sizes and fit. Although it is difficult to shoot our Full Collection due to the limited variety of our products, we have completed the pictorial shootings of our hat collections. We will work to provide our consumers with a wide range of pictorials in the near future.

What’s even more important to us is Marcela, a designer from Peru who has recently joined our Korean headquarters’ project team. 2 years ago, Marcela had traveled to Korea to take in the sites when she landed upon our social channel by chance. She was pleasantly surprised that there was a brand in Korea, one of the furthest places from Peru imaginable, has a brand that deals with Aguayo! At the time, Marcela took the time to visit our Seoul offices to discuss in detail about how we can carry forward with our project. Flash forward to now, she has officially joined the team in Korea, 2 years after the very first encounter. She relates to our Mission and brand concept, and is passionate about making our goals a reality. The full interview can be viewed on our Youtube channel.


Interview (Korean subtitles)

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