[Korea] More than $8000 raised through Wadiz, the biggest crowdfunding site in Korea

[Korea] More than $8000 raised through Wadiz, the biggest crowdfunding site in Korea

Korea is a leading nation in terms of setting fashion trends in Asia. This led our team to designate Korea as the test market to see Aguayo’s potential as a fashion item. Even though the market isn’t as big in size, its consumers are extremely sensitive to recent trends.

Despite a surplus of ideas, our limited production costs do not allow us to realize each of our ideas. We are at this point still a very small scale start-up J In order to test the marketability of our ideas, we are actively dealing with crowdfunding sites.

For the Wadiz project, we exhibited 20 new products to start pre-orders. From Camp Caps, Ball Caps, Bucket Hats, to Bags, several lines of products were tested out. In just over a month of, we were able to sell $8000 worth of products to consumers. Taking into consideration how on average Fashion & Accessories projects only raise around $2000, the results of the Wadiz project were definitely eye opening.

In the aftermath of the project, many officials in the fashion industry started to show interest in Inpire Co., and there was a significant level of buzz about our brand. Going forward, we plan to release more products that have gone through testing in Korea to our fans all over the world through our official brand page and Amazon channels. We ask that you keep an eye out for our brand. Who knows? If and when we gather enough support, you might even see us on a global scale kickstarter project!

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