[Korea] Inpire Clothing Co. Beach Party Opening

[Korea] Inpire Clothing Co. Beach Party Opening


May 2015, there was a first signature party of Inpire Clothing Co. held in Korea. 

This party was totally different from what Inpire Clothing Co. had been throwing because the party was held by staffs from the U.S. office from the beginning to the end. 

Our party is a bit distant from "Trendy". We aim to throw where participants can enjoy activities involving the nature surrounding each country. 

In 2015, we were sponsored by Magpie Brewing Co., which is Korea's craft beer brand with the highest quality and by Honey Liquor brand, and the party was held in the most dynamic and active guest house in Korea, Stage House (Jeju). 

Parties like these are to be continued through 2016 in various countries.

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