[USA] Entry into US Amazon marketplace

[USA] Entry into US Amazon marketplace

Opening of a Sales Channel within the US

Up to this point, the Inpire Co. team had focused its operations and expansion within Korea. At the same time, we conducted Pilot Tests in the US market, and continuously received inquiries on sales channels for US based consumers. At long last, we have successfully stocked a part of our portfolio in US channels, with Amazon as the starting point. Although we still have a ways to go until our entire line up is available through Amazon, we plan to add more products in the coming months. We had previously had channels set in place to allow for shipping worldwide, but the lengths it took for refund or exchange was very tedious and inconvenient. In the case of Amazon, its very own official channels could be used for such transactions.


Link(Men): http://amzn.to/2CQpf1A

Link(Kids): http://amzn.to/32ZCbN8

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