[Australia] Collaboration with ‘A Chef’s Pocket’, a Peruvian Chef team

[Australia] Collaboration with ‘A Chef’s Pocket’, a Peruvian Chef team

Inpire Co. and ‘A Chef’s Pocket’, a team of individuals active in Australia will be collaborating in the down under. True to their roots, Andres and Franco have gone the extra mile to introduce not only Peruvian cuisine but also its culture to Australian consumers through hosting various dining events. While looking for new ways to spread the word on Peru, they stumbled upon our social channels and reached out to us about our Originals Collection, saying it was exactly what they were looking for, and that they wanted to collaborate with us. With the combination of ‘Peru’, ‘Food’ and ‘Chef’, was there even a question about our answer? :)

We plan to continuously support ‘A Chef’s Pocket’ team with our products.

If you want to find out more about their story, follow their Instagram @achefspocket ! 

(We are always open to any which way we can collaborate with new creators. Feel free to get in touch with us through the Contact Us tab anytime!)

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