[PERU] Promotion event with Peruvian celebrity 'Franco Cabrera'

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Author INPIRECO 작성일16-06-02 20:40


 Peru is not friendly country to most of people. But In Peru ,which is the root of Inpire Clothing Co., our brand is getting popular and popular. Currently, one of the most famous Peruvian celebrity 'Franco cabrera' is doing Inpire Clothing Co. promotion through his SNS channel. 






Franca cabrera has been working as actor, comedian over 10 years. And whole Peruvian people love him. 



He is promoting our brand through his instagram channel. Participants leave the comment at his promotion video. He will deliver himself to the winners. Currently, he announced one winner and this event will last until the July. and sooner, he will release testimonial video for all the Inpire fans all over the world.